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Warranty Registration

原廠保用只適用於由 P&O Hi-Fi Company Limited 代理及經銷之香港及澳門地區行貨,水貨恕不受理。如遇上產品保用問題,請於辦公時間致電 P&O Hi-Fi 客戶服務熱線:2861 2833。

Original product warranty service is applicable for products sold in Hong Kong or in Macau which is distributed by P&O Hi-Fi Company Limited ONLY. If you have any problem about product warranty, please contact P&O Hi-Fi Customer Service Hotline during the office hour: 2861 2833.

產品保用年期 Warranty Period


家庭影院 / Hi-Fi兩聲道音響: 1年

Home Cinema / Hi-Fi Stereo: 1 Year

家庭影院 / Hi-Fi兩聲道音響: 1年 
Home Cinema / Hi-Fi Stereo: 1 Year

Hi-Fi兩聲道音響: 1年
Hi-Fi Stereo: 1 Year

家庭影院 / Hi-Fi兩聲道音響: 1年 
Home Cinema / Hi-Fi Stereo: 1 Year

家庭影院 / Hi-Fi兩聲道音響: 1

Home Cinema / Hi-Fi Stereo: 1 Year


Hi-Fi兩聲道音響: 1年
Hi-Fi Stereo: 1 Year


家庭影院 / Hi-Fi音響線材 : 1年 (毋需登記)

​Audio Cable: 1 Year (Registration Not Required)


*The warranty period varies by Product model.

Please read and agree the Product Warranty Terms and Conditions:

1. P&O Hi-Fi Company Limited 之客戶在產品保用期內(保用期由購買日期起計)可獲免費維修服務。在保用期内所有維修之費用及零件,除外殼、旋鈕和喇叭木箱外,將全部免費。
2. (a) 曾由未經本司授權之人士維修或改裝,或 (b) 曾因錯誤操作、疏忽使用、人為損壞,或自然環境所損壞(如火災、水災、雷擊、蟲害等等),或 (c) 安裝不適當或放於密封之環境內,或 (d) 因外接其他裝備所引致的故障和損壞,或 (e) 機身編號曾被删改,此保用將會自動無效。
3. 客戶使用維修服務時,必須出示購買發票正本及保用證。
4. 所有維修機的運輸費、貨運費、郵遞費和保險費(如有需要),都必需由用戶預先支付。
5. 免費維修保養只在香港及澳門有效。
6. 如有任何爭議,P&O Hi-Fi Company Limited 保留最終決定權。

1. P&O Hi-Fi Company Limited has an option to provide free repair service in workmanship and spare parts except cabinets, knobs, and wooden speaker cabinets, for which is under warranty period (warranty period is commenced from the date of purchase).
2. This warranty will become void, if the product (a) has repaired or modified by an non-authorized person, or (b) has been damaged through misuse; negligence; abuse; or any accident from nature (like fire, flood, struck by lighting, pest), or (C) was improper installation or was installed in seal up environment, or (d) the serial number has been altered, effaced or removed, or (e) was damage which was caused by external connection with other equipment.
3. The original Purchase Receipt and the Warranty Card must be presented whenever any warranty or out of warranty service is required.
4. All transportation, shipping, freight and insurance charges (if required) of any defective equipment must be pre-paid by the Enduser.
5. The free warranty repair service is only available in Hong Kong and Macau.
6. In case of any dispute, P&O Hi-Fi Company Limited reserves the right to make the final decision.

Remark: The warranty terms and conditions would be revised without prior notice.

Warranty TOC
P&O Hi-Fi 產品保用登記 Warranty Registration

[The Serial Number is printed on package box and on the back of the product]

上載收據 Upload Sales Receipt

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*Please register products using this form again for more than one products purchased.

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